My Mission...

To remove the stigma around trauma and mental health, support leaders in crisis, and help educate change agents to ethically hold space and build trauma-informed organizations.

Rev. Heather Lynn Wagner, PCC, SHRM-CP, is an influential leader, speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and trauma educator with a passion for fostering positive change in the world. As the Director of People Operations at a non-profit in Washington DC, Heather is at the forefront of building a trauma-informed culture and workplace.

I am also a business consultant and Executive Coach with over 20 years of experience. My focus is on operational efficiency, talent development, and aligning company culture with business strategy. I help mission-driven, growth-oriented leaders create clarity, focus, and effectiveness to deliver on their goals and vision. 

 My skills and strengths are; connection, adaptability, leadership, communication, vision, emotional intelligence, coaching, training, and strategy.


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Are you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or distracted from your work because of a challenging or painful life experience (like divorce, loss, heartbreak, illness, or recent diagnosis?)

Are you having difficulty staying on track with your responsibilities, feeling like you falling behind, dropping balls, or are terrified of letting people down?

I help mission-driven, growth-oriented leaders facing their biggest life challenges create clarity, focus, and effectiveness to deliver on their goals and vision. 

You don't have to struggle and do this on your own.  Book a free resilience strategy session today.

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