Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor. — Rumi


Hello, I’m so happy you found me.


How did I get here?

When my now husband and I owned a restaurant in Hollywood FL, we had an elderly gentleman march right into our front door, walk up to me, and demand to know; “How did I get here!?” to which I replied; “Well…. which way did you come from?”.

One thing many people know about me is that I am full of stories. I have lived a full life with a lot of adventures spanning the globe. You see- energy, connection, vision and play are my authentic leadership traits- so living a life full out is just the water I swim in.

It’s not ironic that my favorite books as a child were choose your own adventures. I learned at a young age, through my love of books, that the world is full of possibility. When you end up somewhere you don’t want to be, you can always make a different choice.

I have pushed myself to do so many incredible things. I followed the breadcrumbs. Those synchronicities and nudges that lead me down this magical path called life. I have traveled, studied, and experienced most everything my heart has called me to. I recently realized how wealthy I really am because of this. That was a breakthrough for me.

Breakthrough: A shift in perspective that has one see their world through an entire new lens. Also known as a miracle.

Let’s be clear, the amount of joy and fun was equaled out to the adversity and grief. I have overcome learning disabilities, failed businesses, addictions, deep traumas and lots of heartbreak. I have laughed and loved as much as I have suffered and cried. Stumbling along through my PhD in humanity- making messes and learning to clean them up as gracefully as I could. I had to learn to forgive myself and accept my imperfections as my perfection, while learning to reach for the best version of myself.

I have also helped thousands of people do the same along my way. I have sat with people in some of the most challenging and intimate moments of their lives— helping them to navigate with grace and wisdom. By sharing my heart, my vision and my purpose and always being willing to follow the breadcrumbs- I have landed here. Writing this letter to you.

How did YOU get here

You my friend have happened here because you were called here. Perhaps someone who knows me sent you. Maybe I reached out and something intrigued you, so you followed up. Of course you may have wandered here as you followed the clickbait of the interwebs.

However you got pointed here, I invite you to consider it was not by chance. My guess is that something has been stirring in you. Something a little deeper like a longing, curiosity, or desire that has been pushing or pulling at you. Maybe you want to leave something, or create something, or change something, or build something. Maybe you want to BECOME something you know you were meant to be. There is a quiet voice urging you to listen to it, and that knows you need someone to help you. Here’s the thing. That person could be me.

What I have learned.

Walking a path of self reflection is ultimately what makes good people, great people and great people exceptional. Why? Because we are all human, and we are either awake to what that means or we are sleep walking.

Walking a path of self reflection is ultimately what makes good people, great people and great people exceptional.

If you are sleep walking you might be experiencing denial, depression, addiction issues, health issues, relationship problems, auto-immune diseases and other forms of mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. If you are awake, you are making conscious and mindful choices to stay present and in the flow. You are following the breadcrumbs. You are listening to your heart.

When you start a path of soul-centered living and get into the flow in an awake way, you experience true wealth of the heart, mind, body, soul (and bank account). That is the feeling of true unconditional love and acceptance. That’s home. As some Guru once said;

We are all just walking each other home.

So you are here, and I am here, because there is an opportunity for us to do The Work together. I can be an amazing co-pilot. You can be the captain. We can dive deep into your inner life and help you understand who you are, what you want, and how to create it. The only question for you is; are you going to follow this breadcrumb?

What is “The Work”?

The Work is a term used to describe the courageous and challenging experience of looking to oneself as the source of your life and all you have or have not created in it.

It is a deeply transformative experience to go within and discover your shadow side and what it’s trying to tell you. You begin to understand; your core fears, intrinsic values, and the true essence of who you are as the most authentic version of you.

Doing this allows you to step into leading in an integrated way that aligns your personal leadership power with your soul’s purpose. Soul-centered leaders practice cultivating authenticity, integrity and culture as a commitment to elevating consciousness and making a difference in the world.  

Why do The Work with me?

When someone chooses to do this work, you usually need a partner. This person is someone to hold you accountable and help them you see what you can’t. There are many paths you can take and a variety of modalities that offer different experiences. I suggest you try as many things as possible. I would be honored if you chose to walk this path with me.

Working with me you get someone with over 25 years of experience in building businesses, transforming relationships, and doing deep healing and shadow work. I have been facilitating experiential educational experiences since I was a peer mentor and educator in elementary school. I have a liberal arts education with a focus on ecology, wellness, psychology, leadership, interfaith spirituality and executive coaching. I have worked as a trainer and people manager in the corporate space for major brands like The Gap, J Crew, Walmart, Houston’s, and the Marriott — as well as advising small businesses and start ups in the social impact space.

I have developed a unique curriculum that integrates the best tools, distinctions and techniques across multiple disciplines and two decades of work —that helps my clients understand the inner science of leadership development.

I work with people through a whole person approach with a focus on;

Heart- Relationships

Mind- Mindset

Body- Self-Awareness

Soul- Authenticity

Creativity- Energy

You are here for a reason. We just first need to decide- are you ready to jump and trust your cape- and am I the right co-pilot.

What if I am not into “woo” and don’t identify as spiritual or religious?

Whether you attend a workshop, or do one of my coaching programs, you will be asked to go within and connect at deeper levels with yourself, others and to something bigger than you.

While for some this is spiritual, for others it can be experienced through service, nature, sports, art, music, parenting, entrepreneurship- anything that has you focused on serving something other than your own Ego.

This can be confronting, so it is not for everyone. It will require you to be courageous, vulnerable and open. It is through The Work that you will reveal the authentic and impactful leader you are meant to be.

Who would be a great fit for the work?

Founders/Executives/People Managers

Launching and running a business is like birthing and raising a family.  It requires a high level of focus, responsibility and having excellent coaching and soft skills in relationships. By developing your skills, you maximize your performance as well as your teams. It all starts at the top. Your habits, beliefs and patterns become that of your team and organization.

I work closely with co-founders, executive teams, and people managers to navigate the intricacies of developing the relationships, vision and accountability needed to fulfill on their missions.  I help align their vision with their strategy, create great workplace cultures and invest in the development of their people in order to increase engagement and maximize productivity.

Ambitious High Performing Leaders

HPL’s are my high performing leaders with a deep desire to reach their full potential.  These are the folks that know they will always reach for the best version of themselves. They are courageous, committed, and crazy enough to dive deep into the fires of transformation just because they can.

If you are an emerging leader, founder, executive or manager with a deep calling to create impact- then you are definitely an HPL. If you are an HPML (high performing millennial leader) then you are definitely in my tribe.

I help HPLs + HPMLs develop the management & leadership skills to do their best work- while helping them cultivate their growth and self awareness to become authentically powerful leaders that drive business success by fostering high-performing teams.

Creative, Social + Spiritual Entreprenuers

You are the change makers, creatives, coaches, teachers, and innovators that are unique source of creative flow and transformation in this world. It is my mission to work deeply 1:1 to support your growth and development.

The more aligned, expressed and sourced you are- the more impact you (we) can have. I will work to support you in cultivating your own development, your team and/or your business.  I offer several programs catered to the unique needs of this niche of soul-centered leaders in the world.


The truth is everyone can benefit from doing The Work. There is no demographic or category of person that couldn’t benefit from this transformative experience. As long as you are willing, you will generate value. You only get out of things that which you consciously extract. If you find yourself curious and that idea of doing the work is resonating with you- there is probably something here for you. As I always say…. follow those breadcrumbs.

So now what?

Now you check in with yourself and ask yourself, “Self…. should we click the Let’s Chat button below and talk with Heather?”. If the answer is yes click it. If the answer is maybe, click it. If the answer is not yet- then subscribe below and stay in touch. If the answer is NO. Honor it.