Trauma-Informed Leadership Foundations: Fundamentals

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of trauma awareness as well as the history, theory, and critical skills to recognize, navigate, and support others (and yourself) in coping with the effects of trauma in our professional coaching, facilitation, and organizational spaces.

What we'll cover:

  • Week One: Introduction to Trauma 
  • Week Two: A Holistic Perspective on Trauma

  • Week Three: Neurobiology Trauma 

  •  Week Four: Trauma-Informed Leadership Framework

  •  Week Five: History of Trauma + Trauma-Informed Practice

  •  Week Six: Stigma, Bias, and Doing Our Work

  •  Week Seven: Attachment, Leadership, and Business

  •  Week Eight: Trauma-Informed Tools and Resources

  •  Week Nine: Trauma Healing Modalities

  •  Week Ten: Fear, Grief, Anger, and Shame (Dancing)

  •  Week Eleven: Spirituality, Mindfulness, and Addiction

  •  Week Twelve: Completion + Integration

$1,499.00 USD