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I live and work in the DC metro area. I love food, travel, dancing on tables, laughing at life, spending time in the woods and sitting by the fire with a glass of red wine. I am in search of amazing conversations, soulful music and ways to spread love. I offer leaders a fun and approachable way to do the deep inner work that is required to realize their full potential. Thank you to Michael, Derek, my soul tribe and my frenchie-pug Steve Harvey- without your love I couldn’t do the work I do.

Soulful Impact Workshop.

Soulful Impact Workshop.

Soulful Impact Workshop: Experiential Leadership Development with a Spiritual Twist.

In this workshop students will learn and explore what it means to be a soul-centered leader, while also coming to understand your personal style of leadership in a fundamentally deep and profound way. After twenty plus years of playing at the intersection of spiritual and professional development- I have developed an approachable and fun way to integrate the wisdom of the mystic traditions, with contemporary leadership practices, to support socially conscious leaders in understanding the inner science of leadership.

In this workshop you will be able to:

  • Distinguish your authentic style of leadership

  • Establish clear agreements with yourself on how you will lean into your leadership

  • Develop a new perspective that will transform how you show up as a leader

  • Walk away with a tool kit to generate your next leadership breakthrough

Leadership is not something that can be taught just in books and/or lectures.  It’s an on the field experiential practice. After this workshop, you will have the ability to apply the practices you learn within your personal and professional life immediately.

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Agreement #1- Soul-Centered Leader

Agreement #1- Soul-Centered Leader