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I live and work in the DC metro area. I love food, travel, dancing on tables, laughing at life, spending time in the woods and sitting by the fire with a glass of red wine. I am in search of amazing conversations, soulful music and ways to spread love. I offer leaders a fun and approachable way to do the deep inner work that is required to realize their full potential. Thank you to Michael, Derek, my soul tribe and my frenchie-pug Steve Harvey- without your love I couldn’t do the work I do.

Journal Prompt: When do I feel the most abundant?

When my cup is full….

When I have given myself full permission to get present and surrender the Ego conversation about the rightness and wrongness. When being present is all that matters and time seems irrelevant to the joy and gratitude. When I am connected to something bigger than me. When I hear the birds singing, and the wind blow the wooden chimes outside my window. That is when I feel the most abundant.

Abundance doesn’t feel like fullness to me it feels like completion and wholeness. It’s the I have all I need feeling. I thought it might be the I feel like I have enough- but that’s the trick. From not enough- there is never enough. From I have all I need, there is no wanting.

Abundance feels like I have all I need.
— Breadcrumbs.

Journal Prompt Exercise:

  • Grab a piece of paper and set a timer for five minutes.

  • At the top of the paper write the journal prompt with … a the end of the statement.

    • Ex. I feel most abundance when….

  • Free write for the whole five minutes. Write whatever your thoughts are. If they stray away from the prompt, just gently bring it back.

  • If you still have stuff coming when the timer goes off, then write until there is nothing left to write 

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Agreement #1- Soul-Centered Leader

Agreement #1- Soul-Centered Leader

What is Soul?

What is Soul?