Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again. —Abraham Maslow


Fire Starters: 11 Week Accelerator

This group mastermind program is designed for individuals that want to be intentional about creating maximum impact and growth and area of their leadership. Participants will get an introduction to The Work, and a toolbox with the fundamentals to be highly impactful in mobilizing their team, their clients and/or themselves— and ensuring actions are measured, clear and aligned.

Reveal: 7 Month Deep Dive

This program is a deep dive into The Work. During this program you will reveal the key blocks and opportunities for you to maximize your potential and growth. Reveal is meant for leaders who know they are capable of more—and are ready to build a solid understanding of how to be the best version of themselves so that they may live in a state of flow and inspire the best performance in their teams and organizations. If you have a deep calling to lead with vision, purpose and soul then this program will be a great fit for you

Masters of the Fire: Intensive

Each year I look for a small group of high level performers to bring into a container for 13 months to do some of the deepest and most transformative work I offer. These are spiritual, entrepreneurial, and purpose-driven leaders who are committed to making a difference in a big way. Masters of the Fire is offered in a combination of; in-person weekend intensives, 1:1 coaching and synchronous online learning. Due to the intense and experiential nature of this program you must apply and be accepted.